Maria’s Story

I’ve always been interested in therapy after experiencing it as a young woman whilst going through an abusive relationship.  It helped me to get out of the relationship and to move me forward.   I also experienced much trauma when my sister died at the age of 32 through medical negligence. This period was fraught with anxiety as I took the case to court but I was so focussed on getting a result that I was able to come through this period even though the trauma was still there.  I look back on this time and see how I had focussed on moving on and achieving something that was very important to me.

Throughout my career, I have always worked with people on a one to one basis and so understanding them has been one of my life’s passions. I experienced Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy for myself when I had a fear of flying. We didn’t talk about my fear but after 6 sessions, I took my flight to Bangkok with no fear and enjoyed the flights.  I took 6 flights in 10 days as part of my trip.  This experience made me decide to study and be trained in Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy which I did in 2018.  I achieved a level 4 Diploma and was so pleased to have decided to work in this area to further my career.

I am currently helping my daughter with the stress and anxiety caused by my 7 year old granddaughter’s special educational needs (SEN) and her diagnosis for Autistic Spectrum Disorder.  I have seen the fear and anxiety in my daughter,  including extreme tiredness whilst looking after her little girl as well as looking after her son.  My granddaughter is deemed to be Neuro-Diverse and my grandson is deemed to be Neuro-Typical.  It’s funny isn’t it how we get categorised in life?  Getting to grips with having a child with SEN can be traumatic and, parents who are experiencing this, very often put themselves at the bottom of the list in terms of wellness and self-care.  My work in Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy can be used to help parents struggling to understand and accept a diagnosis and when dealing with ongoing Special Education Needs and the affect it has on their family.

My passion is to help anyone going through this traumatic time, even grandparents who, like myself, have children and grandchildren to support.  Help would be through talk therapy, understanding the brain when in an anxious state and acceptance and moving on with their own wellness and self-care.  As a grandmother, I have been through this and am going through it now so I can understand and help you to focus on yourselves so that your needs are met and you can help your child.

Currently, I am studying for a Level 2 Diploma in “Understanding Autism” so that I can help my daughter and my granddaughter with the ups and downs of living with Special Educational Needs.

As a qualified Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapist, I can help parents to come to terms with their child or childrens diagnosis and help them to understand that they must put their own wellness and self-care at the top of the list, remembering that if they are not well, then they cannot function properly in helping their loved ones.