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Case study grief


In 2021, I had the pleasure of working with a lovely lady who had lost her father during Christmas 2020. He had died of a very nasty disease which had only started in January of 2020.

I will call her Karen but this is not her real name. Karen was exceptionally close to her father and she had cared for him for a couple weeks before he was admitted into a care home in December 2020.

Karen’s father had been exceptionally fit and healthy until this horrible disease struck him and this was a very big shock for Karen to see her father deteriorate in health in such a short time and then finally succumb to the illness so quickly.

Karen was seeing a man during her father’s illness and he was very compassionate and concerned about her. However, when Karen’s father died, he became very cold and inconsiderate which really upset her even more. Karen had a stepdad but did not get on very well with him and so was on her own with her young daughter.

What was Karen’s Preferred Future 

Karen came to me as she wanted to be able to think about her dear father and to be able to talk about him openly to her friends. She wanted to be able to look at his phone messages again and be able to look at his photograph. She also wanted to be able to organise a wake for him to celebrate his life. She needed to sleep better and not wake up at 2.00am for 2 hours every night. She wanted to be happy again and to work  on plans for her future business.  At this time, Karen’s scaling for happiness and self-confidence was only about 5 out of 10 for each.

In our first session, we worked on what her plans would be for the next few weeks and what she could focus on doing. She had the location for her business set up and ready and she knew that her father would be very proud of her. She had been glamping with some friends, her daughter was doing well at school and she was sleeping better, listening to my MP3 relaxtion download and drinking Camomile Tea which I had suggested she do if she woke during the night.  Her scaling had gone up to 6 for happiness and 5 for self-confidence.

With the techniques that I used in my sessions, she was able to visualise what she wanted and what her better life would look like. I also continued to use scaling from 1 to 10 to see where she was on certain issues and these levels increased each week for her.

Making Progress

In our next sessions, Karen really was able to start to organise her father’s Wake, went out with friends and was not afraid to talk about her father lest it upset her. She had joined a new gym and was going on daily walks with her daughter so that they could talk about her father with her daugther who also adored him.  This was working and she could see better times ahead.

Karen was enjoying her Hypnotherapy sessions and was able to completely relax whilst listening to me talk to her. Her scaling was improving and she had even managed to move a small chair from her father’s house into her bedroom so she could imagine him sitting there.

By session 6, arrangements had been made for her father’s house which would be kept in the family and used and Karen was feeling much more positive and I was able to sign her off as she was ready to proceed with her life for herself and her daughter.  Her scaling had gone up to 9 for happiness and 8 for self-confidence which was a good leap.  I was very pleased with her progress and stayed in touch with her for a little while.

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