Covid-19 – How has it affected you?
Workings of the brain

This is my first blog for 2020.  Many apologies and I can only say that since the beginning of 2020, I have been very busy with clients and then in March – BOOM.  Covid-19 has left me depleted with having to close my Therapy Room, only work with clients via Zoom and, more importantly, lose some of my clients as they were unable to attend Therapy sessions any more.

How has Covid-19 affected you?  So many of my friends have had to be furloughed or lost their jobs.  So many of my friends have had to do home-schooling whilst working from home.  So many of my friends have seen loved ones taken away from them through Covid-19 and so many of my friends have experienced stress and anxiety since lockdown on 23rd March, 2020.

Our Primitive Brains have been working in overdrive since Covid-19 started and we have been in lockdown.  This brain is wanting to keep us safe and so it comes alive to help us to deal with any situations that might harm us.  The only issue is that our Primitive Brains do not know when to stop and we are unable to get them to stop as our Hypocampus, full of emotions and memories, are bringing up all sorts of unwanted emotions and thought patterns.  It’s a case of using our Intellectual Mind, our left pre-frontal cortex to take control in time of crisis, emotional overload and negative thought patterns.

As we are now coming out of lockdown, how has it been for you and how have you coped with all the situations that you have had to face?  I always ask my clients to look at 3 gratitudes per day, even when the Primitive Brain is in control, wanting to save us from ourselves.  Have you taken time to just sit and listen to your emotions and to understand what is going on that is taking you to a level of unconsicous thought patterns which bring you down?

Please just remember that our Primitive Brain has been looking after us for millions of years.  It is there to do its job, however, our Intellectual Mind is what we need to help us through this time.  When we use our Intellectual Mind, we can think positively, intellectually and creatively about our negative emotions and put these emotions in their place to not let them dominate our lives.

Let’s get back to “normality” as quickly as we can and always keep positive even when we are feeling negative.

Post Date | July 29, 2020
Post Author | Maria Chumas-Baker
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