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Stress & Anxiety

We can all live on a daily basis with Stress as it keeps us focussed and motivation to get things done, however, Anxiety is different from stress and can be debilitating if we let it control us on a daily basis too. Asking that question – what if, can I, can’t I, should I, shan’t I is a sign that stress is continuous and could bring on a constant flow of fear that something is likely to go wrong.  But remember, you have so many great resources that you have previously used in your life to lift yourself up.  You can use them again and I will help you with this.

How can Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy – Mindset Coaching help you?

Techniques are used during the sessions to take you to your future self and how you want it to be – Your Future Self. Tools are given to use outside the sessions and hypnosis is done at the end of each session to help clients reconnect their natural ability to feel very calm and relaxed. A self-hypnosis Audio MP3 is also given for clients to use at home, preferably on a nightly basis.

Low Self-Confidence & Low Self-Esteem

Are you lacking in confidence? Is your internal dialogue and limiting beliefs stopping you from achieving what you want to in life? Our needs and emotions can stop us from putting ourselves forward for anything that will give us success. It can then lead to stress and anxiety and potentially body dysmorphia if we do not like the way we look or imposter syndrome if we think we are not good enough. Low self-confidence and low self-esteem is very common and can affect us if we do not look at the reasons why we feel this way.  If this feeling persists, it can affect our mental wellbeing limiting our future opportunities to thrive.

How can Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy – Mindset Coaching help you?

The therapy will consist of revising the brain again and understanding how our subconscious mind can allow negative thought patterns to resurface time and time again. The therapy will help to calm these thought patterns and help the client to visualise exactly how they want to feel about themselves and how their future will be when their confidence returns. This will be done in small steps but each step will take the client further to the point where they are very confident and can take on anything that they desire.


Sometimes, we can feel very low or perhaps fed up and this feeling does not leave you alone. Do you feel like you are living under a large black cloud or that you are under water and cannot seem to surface even though you can see the lightness of the sky above? Perhaps you have lost motivation for everything and can’t enjoy any simple pleasures anymore. Perhaps this has been going on for weeks or may be months and is getting worse. It can be associated with physical symptoms such as poor sleep patterns, loss of appetite, feeling constantly tired and headaches.

How can Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy – Mindset Coaching help you?

Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy can help improve low mood through solution-focussed talking plus hypnosis which will help you to feel very calm and relaxed and to visualise feeling better and more able to get back to yourself. The solution-focussed talking will help you to remember the real you and how you want to take small steps to get back to your true self. It will be small steps but each session will involve looking at small improvements that have been made to feel better and to continue the progress with looking at the solutions that you know you have inside you.
Each small improvement will enable you to move further towards your goal of feeling better and being proud of yourself for your strength and courage and looking to make bigger changes that will enable you to get back to how you want to be.

Fears and phobias

Do you have a fear or a phobia that has taken over your life? Is it holding you back and/or preventing you from doing certain things in your life? I expect that you go out of your way to avoid it. A fear is a natural emotion that protects you from harm when you are facing imminent danger. However, a phobia is an exaggerated fear that has become so intense that it has turned into a phobia.

How can Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy – Mindset Coaching help you?

Firstly, we always look at a phobia and a fear carefully and respectively and at a pace in which the person feels confident and in control. Anxiety can be full on and so we might start our therapy session by helping them re-learn how to feel calm again and to feel confident with hypnotherapy before we focus on any specific fears of phobias.

Hypnotherapy can help people manage or even overcome phobias and strong fears. We might use a technique called Rewind and Reframe to help a client to experience their fear or phobia in a very relaxed and calm state of mind. This technique is used to reframe and rewind the client’s experience of the fear/phobia but at a calm pace and using language to help them to be desensitised to the fear/phobia and which takes some of the emotion out of the experience. Good results are borne from using this technique at a pace to suit the client and so they can re-experience the fear/phobia but from a calm perspective using their intellectual brain to rationalise and think more positively about the experience.

Lifestyle changes for women at midlife

A recent study shows that midlife which is the age range between 40 and 65, can be quite difficult for women. During this time of their lives, women are not only dealing with hormonal changes leading to menopause but they can also be dealing with work problems, possibly family issues, thoughts of their future, securing their finances and reaching personal new goals.

Are you going through midlife right now and need to make changes in your life but you are stuck? Perhaps you are going through menopause and your emotions are causing anxiety and you are overwhelmed. You could be peri-menopausal, post-menopausal or perhaps you are in a job that y no longer suits you and you want to move on. Perhaps midlife is causing you to have low self-esteem and confidence and you are not sure what you want for the next stage of your life.

I have been there and understand the difficulties.

How Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy – Mindset Coaching could help you:
We will work in partnership to see exactly what it is that you desire for the next part of your life and the way you can make these changes happen. We will look at what your best hopes are and what is stopping you from achieving these. Working together, we will build on your next steps to becoming a better version of yourself.


Turn the key, open the door and find the new you.



"I have just completed my series of sessions with Maria.  She has unearthed a level of inner confidence and calmness during my working days that have significantly reduced my stress levels.  This is the most content I have felt both in and out of work for many years.  Thank you Maria"


Anxiety and Self-Confidence

"Having made various calls to therapists, I knew from the first moment I spoke with Maria that she was the right therapist for me. Maria is committed, knowledgeable, supportive and very understanding and patient. Now some two months later, I feel mentally stronger, calmer and more self- confident than ever before. I am ready to get on with the rest of my life. Darkness to Light is an outstanding counselling service."

JST, Kent 


"My sessions with Darkness2Light helped me understand why I have an Eeyore tendency, and how to overcome it. Long-term sleeping problems meant I was running off my primitive urges. By focusing on positive thoughts and actions, and relaxing through listening to Maria's lovely voice, after only five sessions I have changed my attitudes and increased my understanding. Highly recommended."

J. Leigh

Weight Management

"I had my second session with Maria today and I have to say I am really enjoying the experience and I am learning a lot. Maria is a truly warm and friendly lady who put me at ease straight away. I am so excited to see the results of our sessions together. I would highly recommend Maria to all who are wishing to move forward in their lives and overcome any hurdles."


Anxiety and Bruxism

"Just to say that after coming to see you recently concerning my anxiety issues and problems with teeth grinding I am pleased to inform you that I now feel much better and the grinding issue has eased off greatly and my anxiety issues have eased as well. Only four appointments and I feel much better and happier with life. Thank you so much."


Confidence in Presenting

I visited Maria twice and both times was so impressed with her knowledge of not only how the brain works but how our emotions are so linked to our mindset.  She helped me enormously and I can't recommend her high enough.  She's a definite light in any darkness.

Kathy K.

Fear of Flying

Maria was amazing.  She is a very positive person and very professional.  I would highly recommend her service.

Pippa J.