Smart Phone Addiction in Teenagers
Smartphone addiction

Is your teenager addicted to their SmartPhone?

If the answer to this question is YES, then please understand that you are not on your own.

Does your teenager get panicky when they can’t find their phone or they are denied access to it?

Is it the Smart Phone itself or the Apps that they are addicted to such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and Twitter?

TikTok is very addictive as it is easy to access. It only needs the thumb to scroll up very quickly to find videos that are short and which gives you “mini-stories”, it helps youngsters to stay in the trend and the content is always fresh and the algorithm means that they only see videos that TikTok think will interest them. This is so clever but can be destructive too.

These are questions that we must ask ourselves now. Lockdown has prompted all of us, including our teenagers, to check and re-check our phones for Social Media and news and it has been reported that, even before lockdown, teenagers would be checking their phones every 10-12 mins.

During lockdown, media coverage and social media discussions have played an enormous part in searching for news in our concern about coronavirus and some people have found this news difficult to cope with, especially teenagers.  When walking down the road, I have seen young people on their phones and not looking where they are going. I have to move out of the way. They are usually on Social Media and interacting with their friends. Did you know that phone addiction in youngsters is actually worse than drug use and each time they use their phone, they are receiving a “hit” of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that acts as a “reward” and makes you feel good.

Their mental wellbeing has been and is being affected by all this bad news, and yet, they still need to know about it and still need to talk to their “besties” about it through Social Media.

It’s vital to look after their wellbeing, but for these teenagers and youngsters who are dependant on their phones, it can be tricky. Their lives are going at speed and they cannot switch off. They are dependant on their “besties” and being confined and away from them has caused a much greater need for sociability and acceptance.

With Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy, I can help them to see that there is a need to switch off, to find other outlets for their energy and to discover why they are so addicted to their Smart Phones.  Parents, give me a call to discuss.

Post Date | September 10, 2020
Post Author | Maria Chumas-Baker
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