Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy versus Psychotherapy

What is the difference

Have you tried Pilates and Yoga and, if so, do you know the true difference between the two?  Yoga is for strengthening our muscles and Pilates is generally used for relaxing them.

Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy is a type of complementary talking therapy which utilises our subconscious and the power of suggestion to promote positive change in our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  We use techniques to encourage different thought patterns to emerge and, from a Psychological point of view, we explain to our clients how their intellectual and primitive brains are working in terms of their thought patterns, emotions and behaviours.  This is fundamental to the understanding of why our clients are feeling the way that they do when they ask for our help.

When they come for their Initial Consultation and learn about the workings of the brain, their eyes light up and they often say to me – “I didn’t know that”  We call it a talking therapy and we acknowledge our clients’ issues at their Initial Consultation, HOWEVER, our purpose is to take them forward in terms of their positive thoughts about what they want for their future and how they want to change.  We work in a goal-oriented way and also use the “Focus Ahead” strategy.  Because it is goal-oriented, it has a very specific structure and we use a set of techniques which fosters a pathway to the clients’ desired solutions.  Solution-focussed hypnotherapy considers the causes of the clients’ issues and past as distracting but, instead, guides the client to focus on an achievable goal for their future.

The Hypnotherapy part of our sessions are used to relax our clients and to get them to a point of “Focussed Attention” or what we call “Trance” when they are listening to our voice guiding their thought patterns in their subconscious minds.  They are fully aware of what is happening but are totally relaxed and at ease.  If they need to move, they will move or if they need to sneeze or scratch their nose, they will do so absolutely.

Psychotherapy is a true talking therapy that is used to help a person to explore their concerns, thoughts and feelings to improve their mental health issues.  The object of the psychotherapy consultation is to talk about any emotional difficulties affecting their lives that can have come from Trauma, Relationship Issues, Past experiences or any aspect of their life which is causing mental distress. It focuses on the client’s psyche and how they are looking back at their symptoms of emotional trauma to the causes, i.e. they will look at what has happened to them to cause them to feel the way that they do.

Psychotherapy covers the same issues as Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy, however, we will look at taking them forward in a Solution-Focussed way to enable them to be the person that they truly want to be, albeit that they have experienced these difficult emotions due to their past experiences.  Note that we cannot change the past, but we can change our futures by understanding why we are feeling the way that we do and accessing our tools to take us out of our negative thinking and take us forward to positivity.

I do hope that this helps you to understand the difference between both these highly regarded modalities.

Post Date | April 10, 2021
Post Author | Maria Chumas-Baker
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