Teachers: from overwhelm, burnout and anxiety to regaining motivation and building resilience
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Since the beginning of the pandemic last year, teachers have had to endure new Covid protocols, extra form filling, teaching classes via Zoom, devising new teaching plans and assessing students’ progress all without seeing their pupils face to face for a large amount of time.

They have also had to deal with covering for staff sickness and working longer hours to keep up with the work.

Diminished Work Force

It has been reported that this has led to a massive 35% of teachers wishing to leave education within the next 5 years due to increased workload and a diminishing respect for the teaching profession.

Our teachers are fundamental to the upbringing of our children, and they must be respected and suitably rewarded for their work.

Ill Health

Many teachers are leaving the profession due to ill health, often stemming from exhaustion caused by managing the Covid disruptions of the past 18 months.  Burnout is endemic, and many teachers need mental health support.

Anxiety, feeling overwhelmed and feeling burned out are unfortunately common mental health issues.

Regaining Positive Mindset

Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation techniques are well-known ways to improve wellbeing and develop a more positive mindset. However, the key to reducing negative thought processes is developing fortitude and strength of mind to overcome issues and reignite your motivation. This approach can help stressed professionals, including our hard-working teachers, to re-engage with their work.

Help for Teachers

Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy can provide tools to develop positive mindsets through talking techniques, relaxation, and short daily tasks. You will gain an understanding of the neuroscience behind how our primitive default brains take control, as well as how we can develop our intellectual brains to move us forward with resilience and fortitude to a new way of life.

Despite what you may have seen in movies or popular culture, hypnotherapy is not a scary process.  It is simply a way to focus your attention whilst relaxing and listening to my voice as I read to you.  The techniques I use will help to focus the intellectual brain and to understand how the fight/flight/freeze part of the primitive brain can be turned off.

I have helped many clients to become resilient and to understand what is happening during periods of overwhelm, burnout and anxiety, and it absolutely makes my heart sing when I am able to sign them off to become new versions of themselves.

If you are a teacher who would like to re-set and re-motivate yourself, please get in touch for your free introductory session.

Post Date | August 24, 2021
Post Author | Maria Chumas-Baker
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