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Teachers Leaving the Profession

The number of teachers leaving the profession in 2021 has risen from 12 to 21 percent due to the current Pandemic, their workload, reduced levels of happiness and wellbeing, stress and anxiety.  This number will increase again in 2022.  This is an awful statistic and you can see it in full here Pandemic Teachers Exodus

We appreciate you Teachers so much and we know that you have been going through a difficult time in the past couple of years.   You have so many things to think about, to plan, to prepare, to assess and to deal with.  You have an excessive workload and long working hours.

I have had chats with teachers who have told me about what they have been going through in their teaching role such as new government initiatives coming into the mix whilst coping with poor pupil behaviour, large class sizes and having pressures of assessment targets and inspections.   Some teachers have told me how their stress and anxiety has affected their lives and families and have decided to resign from their teaching positions and either retire or look for a new profession.

If you are going through a very difficult time, having worked in teaching for many years and your confidence levels have plummeted, are you thinkig of leaving the profession?

Needing Help

We all know that teaching can be very stressful.  You are some of the most unappreciated and overworked professionals out there. Sometimes you can be overwhelmed by it and may be finding it difficult to talk about it.  The Hope Education website Hope Education is a great website that will give you 12 Stress Relief tips to help you.

I Would Be Pleased To Help You Too

I hope that these stress relief relief tips can help you but if you would like to come and talk to me about your stress and/or anxiety, or your confidence levels which are at a low ebb, please don’t hesitate to contact me for a chat. I will listen and help you to regain your confidence and to cope with your stress/anxiety through Hypnotherapy and learning about how your brain is working during these stressful times. I am great listener and also make great coffee.

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Post Date | November 17, 2021
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