Session 1 – Initial Consultation

What to expect during Session 1 – Initial Consultation 

This is the opportunity for you to find out what Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy is all about and if you think it might work for you. We will get to know each other here as we will only be effective if there is a connection and trust between us.

We will talk about why you came to see me, what you’d like to change and also discuss how you will feel once you have made that change.

I will complete a log sheet with information about you which will enable me to plan our sessions together. The questions should be answered with honesty so that we can work in partnership together. My work is used anonymously for research purposes and your personal details will be kept private at all times.

I will then talk to you about how the brain works, both the conscious and the sub-conscious; how we come to think like we do and what we can do to change that thinking – it can be easier than you might think and there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.

There will be no Hypnotherapy (Focussed Attention) at this Initial Consultation. This will be included from session 2.

You will be sent by email my Relaxation Track MP3 for you to download and to listen to at night to help you to sleep.

From Session 2, Hypnotherapy will be included during the last part of the session.  There will be brain revision and talking therapy will be used to take you forward.  Other techniques will be used during this session and homework will be given at the end.

The Hypnotherapy part of the session will comprise approx. 25 minutes of complete relaxation with music playing and me talking to you.  It is very relaxing and you will feel very safe.  You may fall asleep but this is OK and you will be gently woken at the end of the session.