Hypnotherapy Sessions


What to expect during our sessions together

Our first session will involve us talking through how you currently feel. This is so that we can gain a baseline – so that we know in future sessions, where you are improving and where we may need to focus on.

At each session we will discuss positive things in your life, achievements big and small, and relate them to how your brain works. We may also discuss how we can refine the changes to give you better improvements, moving you nearer to your goal.

Towards the end of the session, we will enjoy the hypnotherapy, where you will relax, get comfortable and I will guide you into a lovely trance-like state so that your mind can relax and take in all we have spoken about in the time before.

I also use a monitor to measure your stress levels – a little gadget that attaches to your finger and gives a reading on a little box I have in front of me, which I can share with you when your session has finished and you are out of trance.

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