A man in a hat swinging a watch – What’s going on here then?
man swinging a pocket watch

Haha, well we have ways of making you talk, What does this picture tell you? It tells you the time but if I was to swing this pocket watch in front of your eyes, what do you think would happen? Well, the only thing that would happen is that, after a little while, your eyes would get tired and gradually close and you would be in what we call “trance”.

Have you ever been driving a distance on a motorway and you have finally got to your destination but thought – how the hell did I get here? I don’t remember the journey. It is simply a matter of pure concentration, i.e. concentating on the swinging pocket watch or concentrating on the road and you have gone into the state of trance.

If you watch carefully the likes of Paul McKenna or Derren Brown, you will notice that the stage hypnosis suggestions are really designed to bring on much more of a physical (from the body) response from the hypnotised volunteers and this is for people to watch and generally laugh at, at the expense of the volunteers. Stage Hypnotists are generally very clever but, when we talk about Hypnotherapy, people generally become afraid as they have only perhaps experienced this whilst watching the TV or having attended a show. But, do not be afraid.

During clinical hypnotherapy, suggestions are made during the trance/relaxation part of the session which are intended to create a more psychological (from the brain) response within the client which helps them to create changes that they desire.

Can I be made to do something I do not want to do? – This is often the question asked to a Clinical Hypnotherapist. The answer is – no you cannot be made to do anything you do not want to do. You are in complete control all the time and you can move your legs, blow you nose, if needed, or open you eyes. You are only in Trance can hear what I am saying to you. You are in deep relaxation mode and your thoughts are atuned to my words and my words are used to help you to get to a happy place.

Is Hypnotherapy safe?

Yes it is safe for people with mild mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, poor self-esteem, weight issues, relationship issues, low confidence, phobias and people who are just stuck and need to make changes but don’t know what these are and where to start.

Solution-Focussed Hypnotherapy goes even deeper as it gives a great understanding, through explanation, of how the brain works and how the fight/flight/freeze mode tends to be the default reaction in many people. This is all explained to the client and allows them to understand clearly why they are feeling the way they do.

It has been pointed out in a very recent study by Dr Alfred Barrios that the average success rate for hypnotherapy is 93% after an average of 6 sessions against behavioural therapy and psychoanalyis which have somewhat lower scores.

If you need any help, I am a member of the Assocation for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy https://www.afsfh.com/ and The National Council for Hypnotherapy https://www.hypnotherapists.org.uk/ . You can read all about Hypnotherapy through these links.

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Post Date | March 9, 2023
Post Author | Maria Chumas-Baker
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